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The Lodge at Healdsburg

For a city teeming with heavy hitters in the wine and food scene, Healdsburg manages to maintain an irresistible small town charm and relaxed vibe. Think – Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but with Michelin starred restaurants and local wine thrown in. This makes it the perfect destination to enjoy a weekend of wining, dining, and natural beauty.

As soon as my sister and I giddily arrived at The Lodge at Healdsburg, a Tapestry Collection Hotel by Hilton, we were greeted with the same jubilant energy by the caring front desk professionals. The freshly opened hotel features 60 villa-style guest rooms which strike that perfect Healdsburg balance of high quality without being ostentatious. The large white columns and tall trees surrounding The Lodge are reminiscent of a Tuscan village and cue the palate for delectable vino to come.